Achieving long-lasting organisational change

    Maybo’s training is relevant, has purpose and is customisable, which means that people think and behave differently due to the training that they have received. This can help to transform the culture and leadership of an organisation, ensuring that staff, customers and service users can benefit from positive and safer interactions for years to come.

    A risk and needs based approach

    We believe that each organisation is unique and so work closely with clients to carry out a training needs analysis to identify the specific risks faced by each job role.

    Our bespoke training options are personalised to meet your organisation’s specific needs. 

    No two training sessions are ever the same, as our knowledgeable trainers use the experience and expertise of the staff that are present to create real-world examples where Maybo’s proven techniques and principles can be applied.

    The realistic scenarios and interactive experiences ensure that training is relevant and relatable for staff, which helps to develop confidence and aids the transfer of learning to the workplace.

    Accredited training, delivered by us or by you

    The latest learning technologies enable us to provide great flexibility to organisations of all sizes


    Maybo designs and delivers training to meet your requirements and can deliver direct to your staff whenever and wherever you need it. We take time to understand your training needs and the unique challenges and scenarios your colleagues face to ensure our courses are highly relevant. Learners receive superb resources and certificates with a range of accreditation and qualification options.

    Maybo trainers are well-qualified and have first-hand operational experience in managing conflict and complex behaviours. They are also skilled facilitators who respect and draw upon the experience of learners.

    Clients receive consistently high levels of support and feedback from our support team and on-going help with policy and guidance.


    Maybo's eLearning programmes utilise the latest learning technologies, realistic scenarios and interactive exercises to offer an engaging self-study learning experience.

    eLearning can play a valuable role within a blended learning strategy, or as a complete solution for developing staff abilities in managing challenging behaviour. It also works well for induction, refresher and as preliminary learning for a skills workshop.

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    Train the trainer

    We offer a Train the Trainer model that equips experienced trainers to deliver Maybo's accredited training curricula within their own organisation.

    We run regular courses across the UK, Australia and New Zealand on a variety of subjects that include supporting people with complex needs, positive behaviour support, preventing conflict and behaviours of concern, safer approaches to de-escalation and conflict resolution, personal safety, assault avoidance and low arousal handling skills.

    Maybo has been at the forefront of trainer training for over 20 years. During this time we have continuously refined our trainer development programmes and resources to ensure they are among the most comprehensive and highest quality available in this subject area.

    Trainers receive access to Maybo's online resource centre where they can find everything they need to plan, deliver and certify Maybo training, including course presentations, session plans, scenarios, case studies, sector guidance, training needs analysis tools, and interactive eBooks and certification for those they train.

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    Virtual Classroom

    The majority of Maybo's certified training programmes can be delivered in a virtual classroom session led by a Maybo trainer. This comprises of a structured delivery with high levels of group participation. The trainer must observe each learner meeting the learning objectives for an accredited certificate to be awarded.

    Maybo trainers are well-qualified and have first-hand operational experience in managing conflict and complex behaviours. They are also skilled facilitators who respect and draw upon the experience of learners.

    We recommend a blended approach of eLearning for underpinning knowledge, followed by a shorter virtual classroom session to apply this learning and build understanding.

    This helps to ensure that valuable and limited 'classroom time' is used to best effect, reducing abstraction without compromising effectiveness.

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