• Wherever there is the potential for challenging behaviour or inter-personal conflict, Maybo seeks to reduce risk and promote positive and safer outcomes

    • BILD Accredited training that promotes a person-centred, human-rights based approach to providing compassionate care

    • Conflict management and personal safety training for customer-facing staff

    • Safer, everyday practical skills for managing conflict and clinically related behaviours of concern in healthcare settings

    • Understanding the developmental needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

    • Positive approaches to managing disruptive or challenging behaviours in schools and education settings

    • Personal safety and conflict management training for the transport industry

    Positive and safer approaches to behaviour

    Maybo helps organisations reduce the risk of behaviours of concern and workplace violence through the provision of engaging, outcome-focused training programmes

    Training designed around the service you provide

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    About Maybo

    We are a team of people from a diverse range of professional backgrounds who share a belief that everyone has the right to provide or use any service free from the risk of harm. We design and deliver training that develops people's ability to influence a positive and safer outcome in situations where behaviours of concern present risk.

    We strive to remain at the forefront of learning and best practice, constantly working to raise the bar in training effectiveness in this complex risk area.

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