• Safer, everyday practical skills for managing both conflict and personal safety

    Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety Training for Ambulance Crews

    Ambulance staff work in highly pressured environments, where anything can happen. Maybo’s industry-leading conflict management, assault avoidance and personal safety training equip ambulance crews with the skills to dynamically assess risk in an unfolding situation and to respond appropriately to maintain their personal safety and influence a positive and safer outcome.

    Proven experience and expertise 

    Ambulance staff are on call for 24 hours a day and have to deal with highly pressured situations where their personal safety may be at risk.

    Maybo training provides ambulance staff with positive strategies to identify and respond to a patient’s physiological and emotional needs, so that they can confidently de-escalate and manage challenging behaviours with the aim of creating positive and safer outcomes.

    We also provide physical intervention and incident response training so that staff are prepared to respond to activities that carry heightened safety risks. This ensures that everyone gets the level of training they need for their specific role. 

    We have played an important role in developing guidance on preventing and managing clinical assaults within the NHS, as well as the use of physical interventions.

    Our physical skills are proven to be safe, gentle and low arousal when required as a last resort.


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