• Meeting needs and reducing distress with a human-rights based approach to managing behaviours of concern

    Bild ACT Certified Training for Services Supporting Older Adults and People Living with Dementia

    Maybo works extensively in services supporting older adults and people with a dementia-related illness, including general acute NHS hospitals, inpatient wards and care homes.

    Training focused on meeting needs and reducing distress

    Maybo training develops carers' understanding of dementia and behaviours of concern with a focus on specific models of communication and de-escalation for people with cognitive impairment.

    We focus on positive approaches, communication and safer ways of doing common tasks such as providing personal care.

    Our human rights-based approach to training aims to ensure people are treated with respect and dignity, as well as ensuring their individual and unique needs are understood and being met, helping to prevent distress and improve quality of life.

    In some more challenging contexts, we provide a unique low arousal physical intervention skill set that is consistent with positive care values. It builds confidence and reduces risk for all involved.

    Our focus is on teaching safer methods and targeting a reduction in restrictive practices with an end goal of restraint elimination wherever practicable 

    Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards

    The 1st April 2019 saw the launch of the new Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards for training services delivered to education, health and social care services that support people with autism, learning disabilities, dementia and mental health conditions across the UK.

    Commissioned by the NHS, the RRN Training Standards provide a national benchmark for training in restrictive practices and have been endorsed by a number of professional bodies, charities and arm’s length bodies. The Standards and Certification apply:

    • across education, health and social care
    • across children and adult services
    • across the UK and internationally
    • across all services for people with mental health conditions, dementia, learning disabilities, and autistic people

    The Bild Association of Certified Training (Bild ACT) is a new charity, licensed by the Restraint Reduction Net­work to certify training services as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards.

    On 20th December 2019, the Bild ACT announced that Maybo was one of five organisations to have achieved Bild Certification.

    From April 2020, it will be a requirement for all NHS commissioned services and the Care Quality Commission that only Bild ACT Certified restrictive intervention training can be delivered in services supporting people with autism, learning disabilities, dementia and mental health conditions in England.

    As one of the first training organisations involved in the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN), the original Bild PI Accreditation Scheme and Positive and Safe Champions Networks, Maybo welcomes these new standards that keep the focus on reducing restrictive practice and that embrace a person-centred, human rights approach to restrictive interventions consistent with Maybo's beliefs and training approach.

    Find out more about Bild ACT Certified Training here.

    Find out more about the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards here.

    Maybo RRN Pathway for Services Supporting Older Adults and People Living with Dementia

    • eLearning

    • Classroom

    • Train the trainer

    • Blended

    • Promoting Human Rights and Reducing Restrictive Practises

      RRN Approved

      This RRN Approved module explores the principles of supporting a person's needs through a human rights approach. It develops learners' ability to take effective, person-centred measures to reduce restrictive practices that might be used intentionally or in some cases without realising they are restricting the person's liberty or autonomy.

      • Underpinning legislation, principles and definitions
      • Strategies to improve quality of life and reduce risk
      • Recognising restrictive practices
      • Ethical decision making

      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the trainer Train the trainer
      • Blended Blended
    • Understanding Behaviour

      RRN Approved

      This module explores how to provide person-centred support to people living with dementia.

      Principles of Person-Centred Support

      • Understanding person-centred support
      • Principles and values of person-centred support

      Characteristics of Behaviour 

      • Behaviour considerations
      • Behaviours of concern
      • Effects of behaviours of concern

      Factors That Influence Behaviour

      • Factors that can influence behaviour
      • How inhibitors can influence behaviour

      Functions of a Person's Behaviour

      • Fast and slow triggers
      • Identifying the function of a person's behaviour


      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the trainer Train the trainer
      • Blended Blended
    • Positive Approaches to Behaviour

      RRN Approved

      This module provides learners with positive and proactive approaches to managing behaviours of concern based on respect for the individual.

      Risks, Rights and Responsibilities

      • Behaviours of concern
      • Rights and responsibilities
      • Planning to reduce risks and vulnerabilities

      Factors That Influence Behaviour

      • Common functions of behaviours of concern
      • Instinctive reactions to emotional or threatening situations
      • Potential triggers in self and others
      • Levels of escalation

      Positive Interactions and Choices

      • People's needs and expectations
      • Influencing positive outcomes
      • Overcoming barriers to communication 


      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the trainer Train the trainer
      • Blended Blended
    • Safer De‑escalation

      RRN Approved

      This module covers person-centred de-escalation strategies to alleviate a situation and prevent distress or behaviours of concern from escalating.

      Dynamic Risk Assessment

      • Maybo SAFER model
      • Risk identification
      • Informed decision-making

      De-escalation Skills

      • Positive, non-aggressive approaches
      • Safer positioning and teamworking skills
      • Strategies to defuse, calm and resolve older adults in distress

      Personal Safety and Post-incident

      • Confronting behaviours of concern
      • Heightened risk indicators
      • Exit strategies in higher-risk situations
      • Post-event impact and responsibilities


      Delivery methods:

      • eLearning eLearning
      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the trainer Train the trainer
      • Blended Blended
    • Personal Safety and Disengagement

      RRN Approved

      This module provides additional practical strategies for delivering safer care to older adults and people with dementia is relevant where behaviours can present risks of harm for people and/or those that support and care for them.

      Risks, Rights and Responsibilities

      • Defining defensive skills and interventions
      • Risks of using physical skills with older adults
      • Authority for the use of physical skills
      • Individual and team responsibilities
      • The importance of primary and secondary strategies to reduce the need for physical skills

      Defensive Personal Safety Skills to Avoid Assault and Disengage

      • Training and operational risks associated with the use of Maybo's physical skills for older adults
      • Low arousal positioning and defensive skills to avoid assault and reduce risk
      • Low arousal skills to release from wrist and clothing grips
      • Contextual applications of Maybo disengagement skills


      Delivery methods:

      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the trainer Train the trainer
    • Redirection and Guiding

      RRN Approved

      This module provides additional low arousal redirection and guiding skills. 

      • Training and operational risks
      • Low arousal physical intervention skills to prompt or guide an individual
      • Low arousal physical intervention skills to re-direct an individual


      Delivery methods:

      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the trainer Train the trainer
    • Clinical Holding

      RRN Approved

      This module provides non-aggressive physical intervention skills for use as a last resort to prevent harm. Its content is shaped around the specific needs and behaviours of the individuals being cared for.

      The RRN approved restrictive interventions included in the delivery of this module will be assessed to ensure they are suitable for the needs of the people being supported by the participants on each course.

      Where a training needs analysis has highlighted elevated risks to individuals or populations, any additional safeguards, limitations or restrictions will be included in the delivery of this module. 

      Recognising and Reducing Risk

      • Key risk factors of restrictive interventions 
      • Individual and team responsibilities to reduce risk and respond to medical emergencies 

      Clinical Holding Skills

      • Training and operational risks of clinical holding skills
      • Non-aggressive restrictive clinical holding skills


      Training in the use of restrictive interventions must only be provided within the context of a commitment to the reduction of the use of all restrictive interventions and the provision of person-centred support.

      Some services and roles may require training in higher levels of intervention and equipment, which Maybo can provide subject to controls.

      See Standard 2.8 of the RRN Training Standards for further guidance on providing staff with restrictive intervention training. 

      This module sits within Maybo's RRN approved curricula for older adults, under Maybo's Certification from the Bild Association of Certified Training


      Delivery methods:

      • Classroom Classroom
      • Train the trainer Train the trainer

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    • Working with Maybo has helped us to achieve our goal of providing our staff with high-quality training that works. The course facilitators are happy to create bespoke sessions and are excellent at pitching the content to different employee groups. We get excellent feedback from course delegates who also receive an accredited qualification after attending the sessions.

      St Mungo's

    • We now have a team of carers who are confident in their ability to handle our son's outbursts and violent behaviour with a safe and consistent approach which minimises any risk to both Charlie and those looking after him.


    • My key learning was to step back and assess the situation to avoid situations escalating. It was very eye opening and gave me alternatives to use.

      Marist 180 - Youth Worker

    • I just wanted to take this opportunity to let the Maybo team know that this week’s training was a pleasure to attend. I have now had a few hours at home to process the experience and to reflect on what we accomplished. The guys were excellent tutors and made the whole week enjoyable as well as a superb learning experience.

      Jersey Hospice Care - Training Co-ordinator

    • As parents running our own team of carers to look after our severely autistic son, Charlie, Maybo techniques offer our staff effective ways to both de-escalate Charlie’s outbursts and to restrain him safely if necessary. Everything we learnt was relevant and tailored to ours and Charlie’s needs.


    • Maybo training is second to none and is delivered by professionals who understand the complexities involved in supporting people on the Autism Spectrum.

      Autism Jersey - Chief Operations Officer

    • All of the Maybo training is connected to the situations that we face at work. As a result, I feel safer and more confident I can support the people in our care.

      Turning Point - Learning Disability Carer

    • Maybo have supported Turning Point in creating a flexible, service user-focused training programme that enables us to support the people we work with in a safe environment.

      Turning Point

    • Maybo training has helped our colleagues spot early signs and trigger points where behaviour may become challenging, empowering them to address the situation before it escalates.

      Cornwall Care

    • It has been a pleasure working with Maybo to coordinate St Mungo’s conflict management learning programme. This solution is ideal for staff and the pre and post support from Maybo is excellent.

      St Mungo's

    • Maybo training is paced to meet the learning needs and styles of each and every course participant and there is a healthy balance between theory and practice.

      Autism Jersey - Chief Operations Officer

    • We use all levels of Maybo training, including some bespoke courses that have been created by Maybo visiting our services to understand their unique ways of working in a person-centred way to enable positive outcomes for all.

      Turning Point

    • The MLP programme has revolutionised our conflict management and physical intervention training.

      CareTech Holdings

    • More aware of strategies to support our clients- great session

      Support Worker - Branches Lifestyle

    • Regarding the introduction of the Safety Pod, everyone who has attended has seen how this will improve on the reduction of using floor restraints. We all feel this is a massive improvement in reducing risk to the service user, as well as staff, and can see how this is less invasive for the service user.

      Cygnet Health Care - Regional Trainer

    • We at Autism Jersey have developed an excellent working relationship with Maybo. I would recommend Maybo to any organisation supporting people who have an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

      Autism Jersey - Chief Operations Officer

    • Maybo have continued to be supportive, collaborative and have added value in keeping our services a safe and positive place to be for staff and the people we support.

      Turning Point

    • Maybo were fantastic, taking the time to talk to staff and managers to create a programme that works for that service.

      Turning Point

    • As a newly qualified Maybo trainer, I am very much looking forward to getting started on training up our staff and can’t wait to attend my next Maybo trainer development course.

      Barnardos - Children's Services Manager

    • The Maybo Assault Avoidance MLP tutor training was excellent. It is relevant to the Support Worker position but can also be used by other staff. It is non aggressive, gentle, logical in its learning and applications. The training was flexible to our specific needs and we were encouraged to think about various uses of the tools learnt. I can highly recommend this training.

      Aboriginal Family Support Service, SA

    • Key learnings were personal safety, planning, alternative strategies of intervention when there is a risk of harm.

      Marist 180- Youth Worker

    • Trainers are very experienced.

      Marist 180, Youth Worker

    • There was a significant reduction in the need to use physical interventions and staff and young people’s injuries are minimal, almost non- existent, as a result of using the Maybo techniques.

      CareTech Holdings

    • We receive a truly outstanding and professional level of service from Maybo. Using their training approach has made a difference to the care of our patients.

      The Huntercombe Group

    • We use Maybo eLearning as an introduction as this reduces the time spent away from the workplace and allows more time to be spent developing and practising practical skills.

      Cornwall Care

    • The assault avoidance trainer training was excellent. It is non aggressive, gentle, logical in its learning and applications.

      Manager, Aboriginal Family Support Services, Ceduna SA

    • Our staff team absolutely loved the training and found it to be the most useful and thought-provoking training they had ever been on. One person said ‘why did we not have this 30 years ago when I started?’.

      States of Jersey - Head of Service, Children, Young People, Education and Skills

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