Explaining Maybo's SAFER Approach

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    • 01.04.24

    Maybo’s SAFER Approach equips individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills to manage challenging situations in a way that reduces risk and leads to positive and safer outcomes.

    This short video introduces the principles of the SAFER Approach and outlines how following these steps can help us to respond safely and effectively when a situation occurs:

    Key Principles of Maybo’s SAFER Approach:

    1. Step Back - physically if possible, but also emotionally
    2. Assess Threat - assess using Maybo’s POPS model
    3. Find Help - consider calling for or finding help early on
    4. Evaluate Options - consider whether to intervene, stand back and observe, hand over to others or withdraw to somewhere safe
    5. Respond - use Maybo’s SEAL™ Test to guide you in your response

    Continue to monitor the situation until you are certain there is no longer any risk.

    To purchase posters of our SAFER, POPS, SEAL™ and Open PALMS™ models, suitable for staff rooms, training rooms, and notice boards visit our store.

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