McDonald’s invests in preventing violence, harassment and discrimination for its employees and customers

    Fast food chain hopes to foster a culture of physical and psychological safety

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    • 15.04.21

    McDonald's Corporation has announced a new set of global brand standards which aim to prevent violence, harassment and discrimination for employees and customers by fostering a culture of physical and psychological safety.

    The new brand standards prioritise actions in four areas, which include harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention; workplace violence prevention; restaurant employee feedback; and health and safety. 

    All 39,000 of McDonald's restaurants, in more than 100 countries including the UK, will be required to adhere to the standards, with implementation that is supported by policies, tools, training and reporting mechanisms.

    McDonald's president and chief executive Chris Kempczinski said: "There are no shortcuts to ensuring that people feel safe, respected and included at a McDonald's restaurant. This work starts by taking big, intentional moves. Our new global brand standards reinforce our commitment to living our values such that at every interaction, everyone is welcome, comfortable and safe."

    The Caterer: McDonald's cracks down on workplace violence, harassment and discrimination

    Maybo perspective

    • This is another great example of the world’s largest restaurant chain and one of the largest employers prioritising the health, wellbeing and safety of their staff.
    • Maybo is supporting McDonald’s internationally on the custom development of its workplace violence prevention programmes and respectful handling of disruptive behaviours.
    • Our comprehensive resources enable retail operators to provide cost-effective training relevant to each role performed, from sales assistants to managers. We also offer the flexibility to provide baseline training through eLearning then courses (delivered by our trainers or yours) for key roles and ‘hotspots’, with tailoring options for your specific needs.
    • Our training programmes are highly relevant, addressing the key scenarios retail and hospitality colleagues can experience on a day-to-day basis. Our latest eLearning programme ‘Reducing Conflict and Violence Risks’ covers COVID:19 related conflict, including handling frustrations over restrictions and conflict between customers. click here

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