NDIS Worker Screening Check implemented across Australia

    Measures aim to raise standards of care provided to participants

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    • 02.02.21

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Worker Screening Check (NDIS Check) has been introduced across Australia from the 1 February 2021, with the aim of raising standards of care provision for participants.  

    The NDIS Check assesses whether a person who works, or seeks to work, with people with a disability poses a risk by determining whether they are cleared or excluded from working in certain roles.

    It is applicable for anyone who works for a registered NDIS provider in a risk-assessed role, including workers and volunteers.

    The Minister for Disability Services, the Hon Stephen Dawson MLC says the NDIS Check will become an important tool to protect NDIS participants and prevent harm.

    NDS: NDIS Worker Screening Check in WA

    NDIS: What is the NDIS Worker Screening Check

    Maybo perspective

    Maybo welcomes the NDIS Worker Screening Check and steps being taken to improve the levels of care provided to NDIS participants.

    Our training aims to support NDIS providers to upskill staff so that they can provide high-quality care that improves and enhances the quality of life of the people that they support.

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