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    An interview with Jane Lee, account manager at Maybo Australia

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    • 09.07.21

    Since joining Maybo in 2018, Jane Lee, Queensland and Western Australia Account Manager, has enjoyed supporting the provision of training that provides staff with the skills to deliver person-centred care that enables recipients of care to meet their goals and aspirations. Here, Jane shares advice for people working in the industry, reveals her career highlights and explains what she loves most about her job. 

    What does your role consist of on a daily basis?

    I am on hand on a daily basis to manage and support our customer accounts. This includes establishing their needs, supporting them through the training process and ensuring we achieve the best outcomes to meet the needs of their customers also.

    What led you to undertaking a career in this field? 

    I have always been interested in roles that allow me to help vulnerable people live the best quality of life and for me, having adequately trained and educated staff is a huge part of that.

    Prior to Maybo, I worked in aged care for over 12 years where I fulfilled the role of leisure and lifestyle coordinator in Dementia specific wards and completed my degree in Dementia Care with the University of Tasmania. This enabled me to gain a good understanding of the importance of person-centred care which matched perfectly with my role at Maybo.

    What do you love most about your job? 

    I love working with people. It is so energising to work with the Maybo team because everyone is warm, welcoming and passionate about what we do. I also enjoy working with customers to achieve goals for their clients and improve outcomes in the care industry.

    What outcomes do you hope the work you undertake will help to achieve?

    For me, it is all about the recipients of care and ensuring that they receive person-centred care that assists them to meet their goals, aspirations, and joys in life. Training staff is also essential to reduce restrictive practices and reduce the stigma associated with being “different”.

    Do you have any advice for people working in this field?

    I think the best thing to keep in mind is that we all have our triggers and we all have our limits. We all like to live happily and to have a choice over our life.

    What are your career highlights? 

    When we receive feedback forms that indicate that a staff member has more confidence to fulfil their role and has the tools to provide the best possible care for the people that they work with is always a career highlight. 

    Another memory that sticks in my mind is creating and being part of a community choir that included people living with dementia, their families and wider community. 

    We performed at a couple of venues and had a roaring time at practice every week. There were no rules, you could sing, or dance, wander around or just sit in and it was joyous! Not only did we see improved outcomes for residents, but we also found that the choir reduced the stress experienced by carers. Visits could be scheduled during practice, which gave family and friends a wonderful bonding experience with their loved one who may no longer recognise them.  

    We even had “non-verbal” residents singing at some points! I may have cried with joy once or twice!

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