Assessing a situation with Maybo's POPS Model

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    • 02.04.24

    Maybo’s POPS Model helps us understand what’s happening in a situation. By considering Person, Object, Place and Situation we can identify anything that could pose a risk to us or others and make informed decisions.

    This short video explains how to assess a threat using POPS which is part of Maybo’s SAFER Approach to conducting a dynamic risk assessment:


    Key Elements of Maybo’s POPS Model:

    1. Person - consider what you know about the person, as well as other people who present risks or those who could help
    2. Object - assess objects in the environment that may be helpful or increase risk
    3. Place - consider hazards, access to help, and safety routes
    4. Situation - What do you know about the context of the situation, are there any other factors or constraints?

    The POPS Model can also be helpful when describing a situation after the event.

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