Bill Fox explains what inspired him to establish Maybo in 1996

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    • 24.04.20
    • Bill Fox - Founder of Maybo BF

    Maybo is led by its founder Bill Fox, who is internationally respected for his work on organisational strategies and training in the reduction and management of violence. Here, he tells us what inspired him to found Maybo over 20 years ago.

    “My passion for creating safer working environments originated in the early 1990s when I moved from operational policing into education and set about developing much needed good practice guidance and training for police officers in London and subsequently Glasgow. This covered safer working practices and positive communication and de-escalation skills and was the first to address crowd dynamics, responding to a mental health crisis and domestic disputes.

    The national award-winning programme was considered ground-breaking for the time and independently evaluated and proven to have changed working practices and improved safety and confidence. 

    I recognised that other sectors of work also experienced challenges with little training or guidance and I knew I could help, which led me to found Maybo. 

    Recognising different approaches were required for each sector, I brought together a diverse team including a mental health nurse, specialist in intellectual disabilities, a paramedic and  safety and security professionals.”

    For three decades Bill and his team have helped employers create positive and safer environments for their employees and the people they serve and support. It is this passion and dedication that led him to receive a lifetime achievement award in 2014 for his contribution to the development of national standards, qualifications and good practice guidance in the prevention and management of violence.

    Today, Bill’s influence spans across different sectors and countries ranging from Europe to North America, to Australia. He is closely involved in the continual research and development of Maybo training programmes and resources in order to ensure Maybo continues to be at the leading edge of learning and development within the field.  

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